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The Finest Cheese in the World!

Every year, nearly 5,000 cheeses gather from across the world in at the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich, Cheshire. In a series of specially conditioned rooms, they await judging by a panel of 190 experts to see who will be crowned King of them all.

This year, the title of Supreme Champion went to Claxstone Smooth Blue, produced by Long Clawson Dairy in Leicestershire. Already recognised as a national award-winning cheese, the judges’ choice of Claxstone was widely applauded.

The cheese is described as “a quintessentially unique English cheese, specially created for a soft, creamy texture and a mild taste. It is gentle and delicate compared to other blues on the market, yet still has that recognisable tangy flavour and has been crafted to be eaten straight from the fridge.”

It is available to buy from independent farm shops and delis, and Waitrose stores.

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2013 Sees the Best PYO Season in Years!

The UK is enjoying one of the best pick-your-own season for many years, according to many farmers. The mixture of warm - but not too warm - sunshine and showers means that fruit and vegetables have been excellent, and customers of all ages are keen to pick.

'This is our best season in 20 years!' said May Draper, Pickwell Farm PYO, Grange Road, Old Netley, Southampton. 'We began picking for the farm shop with Christine and Sonata varieties from 1 June, and opened the PYO fields shortly afterwards.'

The delayed start of summer allowed the fruit to develop slowly making for very tasty fruit and the different varieties ripened as they should, a week or two after one another, to keep fruit available in the field.

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Lovely video from Winchester Farmers' Market

We just found a lovely video from Winchester Farmers' Market, the largest farmers' market in the country that runs twice a month (2nd & last Sunday) in the centre of Winchester, Hampshire. Check it out out below!



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